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We embed sustainability components into financial transactions, bringing organisations and financiers together to advance both sides on their journey. Our aim is to build collective knowledge, while raising the bar of sustainable finance practice in the private sector.

Our mission: Working towards the sustainable finance transition

€2 billion+ on running mandates

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We deal with corporate and structured finance

We advise on sustainable finance frameworks and provide regulatory disclosures and reporting advice

We advise on debt & equity solutions

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Founder & Managing Director at Elfi
Jasper de Rooij

"SCG has played a pivotal role in securing capital for Elfi and enabling the growth of our housing platform. Over the past two years, they have not only helped us to raise the necessary capital but also provided valueable guidance on implementing new processes into our operations as we grow our platform."

Head of ESG at Infinity Recycling
Monica Puccetti

"We sincerely appreciate the support provided by SCG. Their expertise was essential in navigating the still evolving regulatory environment and to set the basis for a strong collaboration to help Infinity Recycling to be successful in its path as Dark Green fund."

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